US-funded labs in Ukraine dealt with bat coronavirus, Moscow claims

Russia’s Ministry of Defense cited documents it claims it captured at the facilities, while the US denies developing bioweapons

US-funded laboratories in Ukraine captured by Russian forces last week were conducting experiments with bat coronavirus and other dangerous pathogens, Moscow claimed on Thursday, citing documents seized at the facilities. There were allegedly plans to move on to African swine fever virus and to anthrax.

Igor Konashenkov, spokesperson for Russia’s Ministry of Defense, said that “experiments with samples of bat coronavirus were being carried out in the bio-laboratories, created and funded [by the US] in Ukraine, as documents show.” The Russian official went on to claim that in 2022 the US was intending to “work on bird, bat and reptile pathogens,” with plans to move on to research into whether those animals can “transmit African swine fever virus and anthrax.

RT 10/03/22

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