We have created a database of template documents which can be used for a variety of scenarios. Whether you are a business employer or employee, government or private sector, customer, parent or guardian, there will be a useful template letter in this section. If you need a word processor we have included links to Open Office and Libra Office which are free to use. There is also a link to a PDF reader FOXIT which allows the printing of text on any PDF.

Research Tools / Helpful PC apps

A selection of useful tools and downloadable apps to help with research and general computer use.

An outline of the process for ensuring fair distribution of electricity rationing during a prolonged electricity shortage [].


Lectures on common law, and information on vaccine consent and covid legislation.

The Theory Of The Virus

This section contains all links to do with the viruses and Covid 19.


It's all about masks. Beneficial or detrimental? Published papers, articles, and government documentation.

The PCR Test

The controversial PCR test, declared not fit for purpose in 2021, was the cornerstone for so many false positives. Videos, published papers and articles.


It's all about the data. And how it's portrayed via the media.

The Vaccine

It's all about the vaccine. And what's in it.

Video Channels With Links To Source Material

All links in this section provide the source material that is used in their media presentation

Video Channels (No Source Material)

This section has video channels with no source material. The channels are individual opinions and interviews.

Scientific information

Additional scientific information and peer-reviewed articles